ankleAnkle joints and feet are the link between your body and the ground. The stability of the joint is provided by ligaments, which are bands of strong, fibrous tissue that guide movement and prevent the joint from moving too much.

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries which present to our clinic. If you ‘roll your ankle’ as the foot hits the ground, the ankle may be sprained. Sports requiring jumping, turning and twisting movements such as basketball, volleyball, netball and football; and explosive changes of direction such as soccer, tennis and hockey are particularly vulnerable to ankle sprains. Physiotherapists can assess your ankle to determine the severity and type of injury, and provide treatment which promotes healing and recovery.

Common ankle injuries include:

• Sprains
• Stress Fractures
• Achilles Tendinopathy
• Tibialis posterior tendinopathy

Our physiotherapists can develop a comprehensive rehabilitation program which minimises the chance of the injury recurring. Rehabilitation programs typically include flexibility, balance, stretching, strengthening and sport specific exercises. During this time taping or bracing the ankle may be prescribed to provide support until full function is regained.

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